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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 3, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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twitter. it takes six months to grow a hog. >> good to know. >> i would buy gold here. >> karen? >> if the markets are down tomorrow, i would sell some s&ps. >> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money". welcome to cramerica. people want to make friends. i'm trying to save you a little money. i'm here to educate you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. [ crying ] >> the sky is falling. don't just stand there. >> sell, sell, sell! >> especially if everybody else is selling. isn't that what we saw with the dow plunging 154 points, s&p
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declining 4.7%. you know what we ought to do? let the s&p futures dictate our emotions as so many traders do. consider it a blessing. then start banging out all the stocks you own because everyone else is way too complacent about this ukraine thing, whatever the heck that is. you better not be complacent. you have to sell, sell, sell because anybody who is not selling is being way too glib. there. i think i totally just captured the mindset of today's sell-off. it's what we've seen every time a nonfinancial crisis breaks out. futures, etf's, and most importantly have come to control the stock market. well, i'll let warren buffett do that as he told cnbc this
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morning that he just used this kind of -- take a look. >> you got a wonderful business of your own in peoria, illinois, why in the world would you sell today because of what's happening in the ukraine? if you have a farm that's producing, why would you sell today because of what's happening in the ukraine? the same is true if you have a piece of many wonderful businesses. people react too much to short-term things in the stock market whereas they behave quite rationally when they get in other investments. >> buffett is totally right, of course, and that's where my longer term charitable trust, which you can follow along, used today's weakness only to do buying. i just want to explain how this absurd selling happens. why it does and what's likely to occur over the next few days, the pattern of the other sell-offs repeat itself. first, we have to respect the fact that the stock market simply isn't able to discount this kind of news effectively
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because it's become commo dot ized by the s&p futures which totally dominate trading now. major reason why i look carefully. we have to accept it, but we only have to try to profit from it. why don't people act more logically like warren buffett about event that is don't seem to impact the vast majority of our stocks, almost all which have nothing to do with the ukraine issues and never will? one reason is that there are indeed some outliers. those who ignored the southeast asian and russian currency crisis near the end of the 1990s did get -- if they bought initially, and there was a degree of commonsense to that because we didn't realize at the time how many domestic hedge funds were linked to those areas and had to sell something in order to raise cash so, they sold what was easiest, the u.s. equity market -- >> sell, sell, sell. >> -- not everyone has the heart
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to stick with things like buffet does. the fact that they ignored a russian collapse in 1998, that hurt badly, is behind a lot of the fears that we saw today. and the russian ruble did take a nasty hit. i don't think the current linkage to the russian market was the same as it was in 1998. ever since that fiasco direct investment in russia has never been the same. not a good reason to sell. some think the ukraine mess could be like the european crisis, but the italian bond -- bonds yielding twice what they do now. does that directly impacted us because our banks had such huge exposure to those markets. again, though well, don't have that kind of linkage anymore. war fears don't peak immediately, though, and wars, civil or otherwise, can always escalate. we know when egypt's authority tarn government fell as part of the arab spring, we had several days worth of selling. that could be the case here. libya's changing of the guard took us for a couple of
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sessions. all israeli wars have impacted our markets. the standoff over syrian chemical weapons caused our markets to take a momentary hit. there have been a half dozen instances where north korea has sent us down with saber rattle, even as dennis rodman worked diligently to get a basketball game going. don't laugh. ping pong diplomacy broke the ice with china, but the idea of rodman as kisseninger, far fetched. even turmoil in the emerging markets without follow-throughs have created multi-day sell-offs. there are nonfinancials that led up rather quickly, and all you had was tons of future selling that royaled the market, shook out a lot of fearful retail investors and with stronger hands of people who own equities. i could do every one of these at length. ever since the s&p futures took over, these sell-offs have become so all-encompassing that
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they beget sellers in their own right. in care for the detailed and time-honored pattern of almost all stocks going down in these situations, how they all go down on day one, that's what happens today. at least today the oil stocks huge beneficiaries of the rally in oil actually went up after an initial hesitation. although most could not hold their gains. on day two, all stocks go down again at the opening. as those -- well, maybe in the first hour. as those who were brain dead on day one take action and the media makes day two, ukraine, even more def con like. the bristol-myers price to earnings model sets in. the ones where we ask ourselves what does the ukraine have to do with the price to earnings ratio of bristol-myers? nothing. this is when the oh so smart virtually current affairs come out. guys who time and again have managed to be true intellectuals about these situations.
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they're righteous doom and gloom has so much gravitas that you feel like you have to listen to what they say, even though they've been wrong for literally thousands of unadmitted dow jones points. remember, though, when you see them, you know that the bristol-myers theorum is about to take hold. warren buffet actually starts going higher. that's day through. their sales aren't going to be hurt. that exact same judgment could have been made today, but you can't expect the market to be that sane. not with the futures going so hard at it. everything else in the stock market keeps falling on day three because the ukraine crisis is said to worsen. day four, ukraine crisis stays frighteningly worse or at least the media is now still portraiting is t that way. it's a good story. this time we're on the event of the northern pharma payroll report. we rally ahead of it.
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the short sellers lock in profits, and we're scared that the markets are so oversold that it's due for a hefty rally after decline. day five, that's friday. labor and ukraine take center stage again as we fret about a battle with russia over the weekend. that's the day we see stabilization in the high growth stocks that become our leaders. either because the economy is weak and managers want growth or because the economy is okay. the employment numbers are now behind us. the stability sets in. that's pretty much the may fly-like life cycle of all these types of sell-offs. those who buy on day one tend not to do well at all, which emboldened sellers on day two. at the end of tomorrow you need to break out the shopping list, but you might have to absorb some buffet-like pain. heaven forbid we get a selloff on ukraine fears, and then just have to dust off what worked well starting three weeks ago when the market got crushed off of fears about other emerging markets. oh, the usual caveat, if this escalates to nuclear war, we all
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t killed, which eventually, well, even does hurt the p.e. of bristol-myers. otherwise, here's the bottom line. it's downturn business as usual with the most salient point being that the first lower risk buying opportunity comes when the uber bears grab the mike and bowl us over with their genius. don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes. justin in new jersey. justin. >> hey, jim, how are you today? >> real good. justin, how about you? >> caller: pretty good. i try to add a solid -- how do you feel about intel on the recent pullback? >> we gave up on intel for action owners some say we gave up too soon. i felt at 3.6% yield, that wasn't enough. if i get 4.5%, 5% it is, but frankly, we have no earnings from them at intel, and you can only own so many stocks that are a bet that one day they'll get it together. cisco hasn't done that for me. intel hasn't done that for me, and ibm hasn't done that for me.
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i'm not involved in this situation. when i say for me, i mean for my charitable trust. intel, not there. can i go to matt in california, please? matt. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. how are you doing? is. >> good. how are you? >> caller: good, given the pipeline in or near phase three, including the once weekly diabetes just recently or soon to be filed and that the price target has -- was raised on friday, where do you see the symptom going in the near future? >> i like it very much. i was going to do a segment on it. it's one of the companies that's domicile at -- it's wuch our biggest winners. it wouldn't surprised me if the goes up on a takeover or it continues. i know exactly what you talked about. we have their own pipeline to develop drugs where are they are a great stock to own in this environment. can i go back to my home state and go to jason in new jersey? jason. >> caller: big b-b-b-boo-yah, jim. >> good to have you on. >> caller: jason from new jersey.
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calling out nokia. i got in at $1.93. i want to know if we can go back up to the glory days or cash out now? >> i don't think it can go back on up to the glory days, but the intellectual property is bountiful, and i think it can make a ton of money off of licenses with that intellectual property. you have a good one, jason, but take out the house's money and then let the rest run. yes, it's rough out there, but we have seen how these crisis induced sell-offs work. we know the life cycle. you know what, stop fearing and start thinking about what to -- >> buy, buy, buy. >> "mad money" will be right back. >> coming up, bid for bidu. going the isn't the biggest search engine in china. it's badu. is it the stock to own? or could china's great wall separate you from profits? and, later, take your vitamins? when a big-time retailer mishits the report, the reaction on t
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street was swift, portfolio needs? cramer is offering a second look at why bulking up on this big name could be a healthy move. plus, breakthrough biology. innovative new drugs have helped isis pharmaceutical more than triple in the past year. with two treatments entering the final phase of fda approval, will 2014 be a break-out year for isi, or is the risk not worth the reward? all coming up on "mad money". don't miss a second of "mad money". follow@jim cramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, _#mad tweets. send jim an e-mail at "mad money"@jim or call us at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to "mad money"
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hi. what happened with bidu, the chinese version of google that's the most heavily used website in the people's republic? last thursday they reported after the close, and the
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market's reaction to the numbers were pretty mixed. in fact, right after the results came out morgan stanley downgraded the stock. that's wall street from buy to hold. they cut their price target from 185 to 179. not that much, but it had the effect. while the exact same time nicolas upgrades the stock from hold to -- >> buy, buy, buy. >> and raises the price target up to a very bullish 238. now, i know this kind of thing can be very confusing to regular investors. >> sell, sell, sell. >> buy, buy, buy. >> the so-called experts can't even get their stories straight? here on "mad money" we love a good old-fashioned analyst duel. it lets you evaluate the best arguments of both bulls and bears to see what's really right about a stock, and it tests your conviction, which is so important. who is right about baidu? the downgraders or upgraders? before we get into the two pieces of research, let's catch out the quarter they reported so
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we're all on the same page. last thursday baidu reported a 2 cent earnings beat. coverage revenues came in at higher than expected. higher than expected rising 54.7% year over year. that's nice growth. up side guidance for the next quarter. it seems like a blow-out. what happens when you dig deeper? well, when morgan stanley took a closer look, they didn't like what they were seeing. hence, the downgrade. the title of their report, and i quote, "sales expansion, yet heavier investment ahead downgrade." morgue al arian stanley acknowledges that they are growing like a weed. that's the revenues. they say the sales growth will be more than offset by the company's aggressive investments, which will result in lower than expected margins. let me walk through part of the record. bidu will continue to invest aggressively and infrastructure, rnd, and promotion. the management guided from no profit growth this year,
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implying the full year margin will drop another 11 to 12 points. wow. the morgan stanley downgrade is all about their profitability. not revenue growth. how the company is going to have to spend too much, and, therefore, won't be able to grow near term earnings as fast as they had thought. legitimate concern. now, what about the upgrade for the super bullish 238 upgrade target? $68 above where it went out tonight. this one is all about bidu's rapidly growing mobile search franchise. they liked the stock because "we believe bidu is believe the dominant franchise in mobile search in china which we view as separate business from desk top search. virtually all search query growth is coming from mobile, we believe, and bidu is capturing the majority. location-based services and consumer products like mobile games are helping to build a moat around bidu's business."
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i like that. i like that more than morgan stanley. let's put this all together. morgan stanley doesn't like that baidu is spending money to invest in its business? and it's the nature of the turbo charged growth stock. they say baidu needs to keep investing medical record to maintain or accelerate its revenue growth? the bulls at steefl understand, and that's why they upgrade. that's what you and i want out of the stock? now, the downgrade is that morgan stanley misses the spreadsheet. all they see are the near term profits that they're giving up to invest in the future. that's like amazon, though. steefel sees how positive the results can be. my view. i agree solidly with the bulls, and that's unusual because i don't like chinese stocks. i think bidu may turn out to be the best way to play the desk top to mobile channels igs in china especially that google has
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taken itself out of the equation. we know this is a huge trend because we've already seen this story play out here in the u.s. mobile is an incredible opportunity for any company with the brainses to harness it and it looks like that's exactly what bidu is doing. in last year mobile represented just 10% of the company's revenues. by the fourth quarter it was up 20% and still growing at a break neck pace. bidu's mobile search revenue could expand at a compound annual growth ready, are you ready, from 80% to 100% for the next two years. come on. that's huge. plus, the company just wants the latest version of the search app for android and apple phones. the new version is 60% faster with an updated interface and a personalized home page for users. bidu has made a series of moves in order to expand to just beyond mobile search. a popular chinese app store called 91 wireless for $1.9 billion, compare to that $19 billion for what'sapp, $1.9 billion.
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bidu controls 41% of the native app distribution market in china. $1.9 billion. baidu has its own popular apps. 14 of them to be precise with over 100 million active users. don't forget, the internet in china is still a massive growth opportunity. under penetrated as of 2012. only 40% of chinese households had internet access, and the government is spending $323 billion through 2020 to get more people connected. that's a big reason why all these chinese internet ipo's spike so hard when they come public. 500 plus --, up 54% in the first day of now. up 42% on the first day back at the end of october. can you believe this? to be the bottom line is that if you want to play the growth of the web in china and mobile in particular, even as they normally don't like to invest in china, then baidu is the stock to own? the bullish analysts are right, and i think the negativists at
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morgan stanley are wrong. baidu is investing in its future. that's something we like to see from the red hot momentum stocks that have massive growth opportunities. if anything, i would actually be disappointed if baidu couldn't find anything new to invest in, and we were just focused on turning a profit. the stock may seem expensive trading at 47 times earnings. when you look at the tremendous growth, i bet it turns out to be fairly cheap. and at least unlike most chinese stocks, it actually looks and feels like an american stock with real financials and a real business. stay with cramer. >> coming up, take your vitamins? when a big-time retailer missed its report, the reaction on the street was swift. but, is this just the sum mept your portfolio needs? cramer is offering a second look at why bulking up on this big name could be a healthy move.
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rally. i want to you consider the curious case of the health and wellness retailers, gnc, okay, and vitamin shop, vsi for you home gamers. this is a textbook example of how you need to look at the expectations in a clinical detached way rather than getting caught up in what everyone else is anticipating. the expectations control these stocks. back on february 13th gnc, the huge vitamin supplement chain, reported a quarter thafgsst that was widely viewed as being disappointing. it shocked me. 2 cents earnings miss off a 65 cent basis, and revenues, the sales missed the mark. they gave you down side guidance for the next fiscal year. just a subpar quarter all the way around. in response gnc got slammed. falling more than 14%. 52 to 44 in change, and that's a pretty severe beating. whey really want to call your attention to is the pin action because gnc's quarter took down
6:27 pm
its lagard competitor vsi, causing this collaterally damaged stock to lose 6% of its value in a single day. off of this company's poor performance. the next time you see that kind of thing when a company reports dismal reports and its competitor stock -- i want you to remember this sort of pin action is often not sometimes but often an overreaction. after gnc reported the analysts went out of the way to downgrade vitamin shop, slashed estimates for vitamin shop. here's a piece from jp morgan. i quote, "lowering vsi and first quarter numbers post-gnc." their rationale? "in light of gnc's fourth kwaut results and horrible weather throughout much of the nation so far in q1 against the back drop of an already soft consumer, we are lowering our q42014 and q1 2014 for vsi." what a crossfire. then the analyst goes on to cut
6:28 pm
these estimates really dramatically. hey, here's another one from deutsche bank right after gnc reported. "vsi lowering estimates following gnc date wra points." how about jeffreys. "vsi reducing estimates on gnc read across weather disruption." come on. what happened when vsi actually reports? well, guess what, two weeks later the company delivers a slight beat of the lowered expectations, earning 38 cents a share. the street was looking for 37, posting higher than expected revenues up 17% year over year, and a decent 4.6% gain in the same story sales and strong growth in their own on-line business. sure enough, vitamin shop stock shoots up 8% on the news, regaining every point lost in response to the gnc miss and then some. the expectations are everything. when gnc reported a small miss, the expectations were too high, so its stock was behead, but then analysts slashed numbers for vitamin shop left and right. by the time vitamin shop ended
6:29 pm
up reporting two weeks later, they managed to beat the lower expectations, and the stock rallies. if you like to trade, then you had a terrific opportunity to buy vitamin shop right after gnc's miss when it was being written off by just about everybody based on another company's not so hot results. even if you prefer to avoid trading and you know i think trading can often be a sucker's bet, it's important to remember that once the expectations get reset to a low level, you got a whole new ballgame on your hands. now, all that said, if you own vitamin shop, you know what, i think you take the chance and sell it in this. yeah. now the expectations, got too low, and now it's been corrected. the opportunity is over. the trade is done. as i've been saying for ages, you should should never turn to trade to a investment. if you want to own a retailer that sells vitamins here, guess what, i would actually recommend gnc for the long haul. the reason? first of all, gnc is so darn cheap. it sells for 14 times earnings and got a long-term growth rate. yes, the p.e. under the earnings
6:30 pm
growth rate making it much more attractive than vitamin shop, which sells for 19 times earnings and only has a 13% growth rate. despite the disparity in most recent quarter, gnc is by far the superior company. gnc has more exposure to sports-related supplements. a lot of people love these. 40% of sales versus 36% for vsi. makes it more immunized for pushback on semments. gnc tends to sell more focused niche products. gnc is less vulnerable to competition from the internet. gnc has more store brand, private label products. last but not least, while gnc has 3,332 stores versus vitamin shop's 359 stores in 44 states. i think gnc may have the more dependable growth story. both companies are growing their domestic store footprint in the high single digits, and they have 10% international growth.
6:31 pm
vitamin shop new stores haven't been performing too well lately either. okay. if gnc is the better company, then how come they totally blew it when they reported? listen to this. right now gnc is getting punished thanks to a bunch of very short-term problems that i believe is well executed company. that's for real. it hurt these guys much more in the vitamin shop because gnc has many more locations that were exposed to the cold. weather is just one issue. there's also this problem of the loyalty card switch. last may gnc started rolling out a new loyalty card program which in the company's test markets generally provided a boost to earnings within three months of being launched. however, get this, the numbers have been taking a hit because gnc used to charge a $15 annual membership fee, and there was a period where they gave away the new one for free, and meaning gnc is foregoing all the juicy feeding from the card. just like the weather, this is
6:32 pm
temporary. gnc's biz business is poised improve. right now it is still being punished for the lackluster previous quarter with the stock that's more than 13 points off its highs. that could be a terrific opportunity. let me give you the bottom line here. yes, expectations really are everything. when gnc missed big-time, the expectations for vitamin shop got taken down in sympathy, and they became low enough to beat. now, vitamin shop is rebounding, but gnc is still well off its highs. even i think the problems are short-term in nature. going forward, the expectations for gnc could be too low, which makes the stock a buy down here at these level ifs it retreats. let's hope it -- if it retreats tomorrow, i should add, because it was one of the few stocks that was up more than $1 in today's miserable session. can we go to alex in new york? alex. >> hi, jim. i bought rite aid as a speculation, and i didn't want to be greedy. i recently sold everything at
6:33 pm
500% gain. since then i have been doing well swing trading the stock which has been moving fairly well within a predictable range, but i'm hesitant to buy rite aid as a long-term investment because of its debt burden. >> i think it's -- i would recommend this stock. we have about a triple in rite aid. i feel strongly reiterating when it fell recently. i think you can buy the stock on dips, and you can trade around how you want, but i've got to tell you, i think it's a great investment. s by the way, i think cvs and walgreens and rite aid represent the strongest part of the retail market and all three highly unusual for me are buys for various and different reasons. eddie in texas. eddie. >> hey, jim. big boo-yah. >> boo-yah back. >> caller: hey. i'm on a groupon roller coaster, and i think i'm ready to get off. should i hold it or just enjoy the ride? >> the last quarter was disappointing, and i have to tell you, i feel like that the guidance was so tepid that maybe they've lost conviction.
6:34 pm
i doubt going over it and over it. if you own groupon, you shouldn't sell it. if the stock goes back to $8, i think groupon is a buy. they've got a lot of interesting things going, and they've taken out the risk. not unlike what happened to vsi. that's right. the expectations are now so low, groupon can beat them. what to expect when you are expecting? the expectations game between gnc and vitamin shop is high, but now after this big rally in vsi, gnc is the winner. stay with cramer.
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sell, sell. >> my staff -- you hear the sound, and the lightning round is over. time for the lightning round. megan in washington. megan. >> caller: hi, cramer. i would like to get your analysis on splunk. >> splunk came in the quarter in the right in the middle of the big selloff off the ukraine. they do pretty good -- splunk work day and sales went up too much perhaps and now have come down too much. >> buy, buy, buy. >> let's go to aidan in minnesota. aidan. >> caller: mr. cramer, boo-yah. what a pleasure. i was wondering what happened last week with -- >> oh, my. >> crescor. this is the only crossfire stock i want nothing to do with at long or short. patrick in arizona. patrick. >> caller: hi, jim. >> how are you? >> caller: goldman tlm is being called the barbarian at the door. last year we discussed it on the show, and with carl icon taking
6:39 pm
on the board and it's still dropping -- >> yeah, i don't know. canadian oil company, natural gas company looks pretty good to me. i would not go against icon here at $10. i would rather be a buyer than a seller. chris in indiana. chris. >> caller: hey, boo-yah, jim. chris from elkhart, indiana. calling about drew industries, ticker dw. >> you know it's a good rv company. i love -- >> buy, buy, buy. >> i love what warren buffet said in his annual report. i feel good about that industry. can i if to susan in new hampshire? suzanne. >> caller: i am wicked excited to hear your opinion on the short and long-term fundamentals for upstream player ultra petroleum. >> there are so many others that are better out there, honestly. i just can't recommend ultra after the run it just had. i like conco, if you want a natural gas play that i think is better than them. let's go to gray in california. gray. >> caller: good afternoon, jim.
6:40 pm
boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: from california. i wanted to know what you think of gld. >> gld has had a big run. i don't like to come on top of a big one. that said you know i believe that each portfolio should have a little gold. i'm not going to endorse selling gld, but i think if it comes down, it's fine by manager. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪
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while everyone is fret about what's happening in the ukraine and the potential for crimea war part two, i want you to focus on stocks that have nothing to do with the mess in eastern europe. you know what's totally unrelated to the latest crisis? biotech. consider a company like isis pharmaceuticals. this is this has made an enorm amount of money. it's up 307% since we spoke to the ceo about 16 months ago in october of 2012. isis has roared because it's a pioneer of anti-sense technology. these are drugs that work by altering the rna. rna is the substance that reads the blue flints of your dna and
6:44 pm
makes the blue prints a reality. if you have some kind of rare genetic disorder where your dna contains obstructions that are harmful to your help, isis can fiddle with your rna so it doesn't deliver bad instrucks. it's a way of fighting all sorts of diseases by changing what the body is doing at a much more fundamental level than you see from traditional pharma companies. isi got 28 drugged in its pipe lynne. many treat rare orphan diseases like a phase 3 drug for ttr, a rare genetic disorder that causes dysfunction in the heart and the peripheral nervous system or phase two drugs for spinal atrophy, another condition that's the leading genetic cause. not to mention a bunch of cancer treatments in phase two. interesting formulations to be part of the diabetes equation too. plus, the company has a number of partnerships like genzyme and -- the big boys want access to the technology. of course, the stock has had a huge run. until recently i might have told
6:45 pm
you to stay away, but this is too expensive. isis reported last month, and for the most part biotech said this one trades on drug trials than earnings. the stock got slammed. 56 down to 51. could this be the viable pullback we've been waiting for? it sure was last time dr. stanley crook, the chairman and ceo of isis farm away was on. we recommended off an imminent approval. he came on and told you not to worry. he was right. stock was at ten. let's check in with dr. stanley crook from isis pharmaceutical to find out more about his company and where it is headed. dr. cook, welcome back to "mad money". >> it's myself to be here. thanks for having me. >> okay, doctor, first of all, you knew -- you knew back when you came in in 2012 you told us not to worry. everybody else was worried bsh what was your confidence based on at the time? >> the data.
6:46 pm
i thought we had done a thorough phase three study that we had a strong drug with an excellent profile and that the concerns that were being expressed were largely just confusions about specific interpretations of specific issues in a briefing document that i thought would be easily handled. >> and your most recent -- the coo said that while the launch got off to a bit of a slow start, now sales are very strong. >> they're certainly growing, and that's a product of i think the hashed work that genzyme is doing and getting the sales force trained and getting additional salespeople out and about. so we're certainly very optimistic that it's going to be a valuable asset for us and for genzyme. we think it's a good drug. >> how big a market is there for this keep of hyper cholesterol, and i know that agyrion has
6:47 pm
something that could come in and hurt your market share. >> well, it's the indication for which both drugs are approved, and it's a rare disease, but it's a severe life-long disease that kills people, and so we think that the market opportunity is very substantial for both drugs, and we like our drug a lot better than juxtapin, of course. >> of course. when i put@jim cramer on twitter that you were coming on tonight, people i thought they would be interested in the spinal muscular atrophy drug. i thought they would be interested in the prostate cancer. everyone tells me that i should be focused on your diabetes -- type ii diabetes effort because this is where you might have the most radical breakthroughs. >> well, we're certainly excited about ttrrx and smnrx, the drug for spinal muscular atrophy.
6:48 pm
those drugs -- the data are very exciting, and we're very encouraged by what we're seeing about smnrx. this year will be a big year for our diabetes pipeline. the first drug up is our glucagon receptor antagonist. it's one of the drives that causes diabetes, and we expect that this drug will be in extremely potent drug to reduce glucose that can be used in patients with severe forms of diabetes. we think that it has a dual action and we'll see an increase in another hormone called glip 1. in animals that leads to pancreas sparing, and we're very excited about that drug. that phase two study is finishing up now. we'll be able to report the results of that shortly. corticord receptor reduces the steroid drug in diabetes, and that's a drug that we can also use for a rare disease called
6:49 pm
cushings. that's going well. then our novel insulin sensitizer that we think will be a new safer insulin sensitizer is in a six-month phase two trial that will report out very late this year, early next we're. this is a big year for diabetes. it's a big we're for our anti-thrombotic franchise as well because our factor 11 rx drug is just finishing 300 patient study in patients who are for a knee replacement, and there is a great opportunity for a drug that's more specific and safer as an anti-thrombotic. the pipeline is large. there are news events constantly, and funumerous drug in important clinical trials. the news is going to be forth coming on all kinds of fronts. that's the beauty of having the technology that we invented that's so much more efficient
6:50 pm
than other forms of drug discovery and development. >> well, doctor, of the younger biopharma that have been on the show, i think yours has the most in the pipe, and i'm glad you chose to share the pipe with us on "mad money". thank you so much for coming on the show. >> thanks for having me. >> that's dr. stanley cook, chairman and coo of isis pharmaceuticals. this has so many drugs in the pipe and so many great milestones coming. i think you take advantage of the decline and buy it right here. stay with cramer. pay my bill. phone: your account is already paid in full.
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amidst a sea of red ink, you had to notice that some of the oil stocks struggled to go higher. the price of crude rallying. all this off the ukrainian turmoil. to me it was a terrific buying opportunity because there's been so much good news in the oil patch, and the stocks haven't been letting you in lately. i think they're going to do so tomorrow. i know i was heartened this morning when becky -- what a great interview asked warren buffet whether he thought the keystone pipeline should be approved. he gave an unequivocal yes. >> do you think keystone should be approved? >> i would vote yes. >> you always wonder about creation of jobs too, so manager and job creation is really pipelines and energy renaissance is what jim is pointing out. >> i don't believe in the keystone pipeline because of the jobs you make building it. you can build anything and create jobs. i -- but i believe -- i just believe it's a useful pipeline. >> it is a useful pipeline, and
6:54 pm
in part because keystone is vital for continental energy security. despite environmental worries about the canadian's so-called heavy oil, if the pipeline is nexted, that can be headed to china. or, believe me, they won't refine it nearly as well. they'll pole out the universe with it, rather than to lose -- i think people will treat it properly. i think germany wishes it could be secure the way we have the chance to be. right now the germans are right in putin's ferocious crosshairs as central europe runs on russian natural gas, but the more important development in oil is that the emerging independence of it last come roaring back from last fall. if you recall, the cost of the declines in these stocks were very negative comments made by "mad money" golden bowl lifetime achiever mark papa. the man who built the resources into the fastest growing large oil company in the world. first he was incredibly bearish about natural gas talking about how natural gas was -- until 2018 when exports go into full swing.
6:55 pm
second he talked about how the industry has become flipant about its reserve estimates. they were way too bullish. finally, he gave an interview at the beginning of december to the "wall street journal" where he basically said the hay day was over for the independents and the fat profits are now a thing of the past. i quote, "it was kind of like found money, and it wasn't going to last." he was quoted as saying. wow. these negative comments help drive stock from 184 to 156. a lot of you panicked. i tried to hold hands. you can't. the whole industry went down with it. the move took your breath away. these have become fantastic growth equities until he spoke. then they got panned. slowly but surely, though, things have turned positive. first the freezing cold weather over much of the country caused natural gas to spike far beyond levels that he seemed to imagine it could reach. that's huge upside for all these oil companies. if you are sitting on natural gas reserves that have been a
6:56 pm
driver on earnings. the recently reported earnings indicate that the production and reserve growth took another positive turn, particularly for the permean and -- the three biggest formations. consequently, resources now led by the able bill thomas reported spectacular growth as did so many other companies in the sector. friday and again today many of these stocks, including eog, hit all-time highs as the price of oil continues to surge, and the growth is staggering. especially paired to the rest of the stock market. the big selloff now seems to be behind the independents. today's brutal market decline, which saw most of the group stabilized and then get hammered is found money for those who buy these stocks, which turned out to be not that overvalued at all. stay with cramer. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
time? i'm with him, but, of course, we want to get the timing right. so wait as the selling gets heavy and then think about bristol-myers. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it just stocks fall worldwide as russia takes over the crimea. not a shot has been fired yet, but nobody knows if russian troops are headed into east ukraine. we just don't know. good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we are live here at 7:00 p.m. eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific. we're going to go right to our expert panelists, take a look at the financial, the military and the strategic issues here. we have nick byrnes, former undersecretary of state, retired four star general barry mccaffrey and from the council of foreign


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